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Little UK is a fansite and is in no way associated or affiliated with Matt, Dave or the BBC. Little Britain and all characters and whatnot are copyrighted to the BBC. Don't sue us. Please.
Site designed and maintained by Joe Leslie.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Little Britain fansite is somewhat of a dying breed nowadays. Many of the good sites that were set up in Little Britian's hay-day (i.e, the early days; pre-series 2) have either died, are close to death, or the webmaster has forgotten and moved on. The ones that are still alive on the web (updated or not) will be linked to here.

Note: As I no longer work on and update this site, there is no guarantee that the sites linked here are still online. Also, contacting me requesting a link to be put here will be a fruitless effort, as most, if not all emails I receive regarding the site are ignored.

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