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Little Britain Topsites

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Little UK is a fansite and is in no way associated or affiliated with Matt, Dave or the BBC. Little Britain and all characters and whatnot are copyrighted to the BBC. Don't sue us. Please.
Site designed and maintained by Joe Leslie.

Little UK eventually expanded to provide videos, and was soon one of (if not, THE) best sites to provide Little Britain videos, rivalled only by the late Little Britain Video Galore. Little UK was also the first site to publicly provide clips from the 3rd series of Little Britain.

You may use these videos for anything you wish, EXCEPT content on your site. What's the point of having more than one site with identical content on? Anyway, click the links to download the videos.

CR = Comic Relief Sketch

» Series 1 Introduction (8 downloads)
» Series 2 Introduction (1,653 downloads)
» Vicky gets lectured for not doing her essay (2,297 downloads)
» Daffyd takes a trip to the hairdresser (2,604 downloads)
» Andy and Lou go out for dinner...with Andy in a smurf outfit! (2,538 downloads)
» Rays TV is broken... (2,277 downloads)
» Kenny goes to see his mum in hospital. (1,848 downloads)
» Anne does some gardening... (2,215 downloads)
» Andy goes to get his brother a birthday card (2,200 downloads)
» Vicky finds out shes 8 months pregnant... (2,756 downloads)
» CR Dennis Waterman (1,806 downloads)
» CR Andy does some pole vaulting (3,490 downloads)
» CR Andy invited George Michaels to his birthday party. (2,374 downloads)
» Anne goes on Stars in Their Eyes (2,983 downloads)
» Carol has a new job in a travel agents (2,471 downloads)
» Vicky and her possé engage an enemy gang in a dance-off (2,548 downloads)
» Andy plays a game with Richard and Judy (3,801 downloads)
» Daffyd gets himself a girlfriend (2,268 downloads)
» Linda helps a student change courses... (2,154 downloads)
» Andy wants boobies (3,292 downloads)
» A Keith Harris and Orville fan meets Orville in a supermarket. (1,906 downloads)

Total Downloads: 49,489
Average Downloads per Link: 2,357