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Little UK is a fansite and is in no way associated or affiliated with Matt, Dave or the BBC. Little Britain and all characters and whatnot are copyrighted to the BBC. Don't sue us. Please.
Site designed and maintained by Joe Leslie.

Hello there, and welcome to Little UK, one of the original and best websites to offer a great selection of Little Britain multimedia, from audio to video clips. We were the first, and currently only (that I know of) Little Britain website to offer full sketches from the radio series.

As some of you may know, Little UK was closed for a great deal of time, after I lost interest in Little Britain and the site. However, as the domain was still receiving a reasonable amount of visitors, I decided to redesign and reopen the site, allowing for those visitors to access the downloads the site used to offer.

However, it is unlikely that the site will see any new updates. The site was resurrected in order to keep a site that was an integral part of the Little Britain online community for over two years from dying out completely. So, please, enjoy everything the site has to offer, however, do not email me requesting to put up more videos, audio files or whatever, as they will simply be ignored. Similarly, I am not interesting in doing any sort of link exchanges. If you enjoy the site and wish to link to it in yours, you're very welcome to do so. As I no longer work on the site any more however, don't expect a link back.

Also, I currently do not have any plans to sell the site or the littleuk.co.uk domain name (I've had a few emails from people asking if they could buy it off me). This was the first domain I ever bought, and so it means quite a lot to me, and would therefore take quite a bit of money to take off my hands. So, unless we're talking crazy money, I'm not interested.

- Joe.

For those interested, this is now version IV of the site. It has all been designed and coded, by myself, in valid XHTML and CSS. Little UK first went online on the 11th of October, 2004. The site was offline for the majority of 2007.